Drunken Blogging

Well I thought I should at least give a recap on my night.. seeing as I am an addict now..

Well it was a friends birthday. Lol at the use of friend.. As of late he has become a friend, demoted from being "holiday fling". I gave him my url tonight, so I hope no feelings are hurt.. but he seemed to be fine with that cheaply bleached blonde haired girl buying him shots... haha. Kidding, she seemed nice...?
But besides the point. So the night started at a place we like to call the Shabeen (other people call it that too, cause it is the pubs name..) So had a few there.. then moved on to Swing Cafe, which despite it's ever so misleading name, is not infact a swing club, just a regular one.. with older people I guess, so maybe they do swing there.. who knows? Now just to put my night into perspective, me and said friend have only recently started talking again, and no longer "frienamies" as he puts it. Which is quite nice, as he is quite funny, and we get on well (we enjoy the same series and stuff) But as it goes your not always sure like how to react or be around them etc.. like friendly, but not too friendly... Oh my gosh, totally forgot I have his present in my bag still. If you are reading this birthday boy (birthday man-we decided he is way past childhood now), sms me and remind me pls.. And also if your reading this, HOW EMBARRASSING.
So yeah anyway, back to the club vibe. So being on holiday means all local kiddies are on holiday too, which means your bumping into people you went to school with. So yes it happens, someone you kinda know, not well enough to walk over and say hi, but enough that when they are lifting their arms up to avoid spilling their drink as they push past you, you mistake it for a hug, and go in to say hi. But dont worry, the hugger will never NOT hug you, they will always say hi and then carry on with squeezing through everyone. And dont get embarrassed when this happens, because it is likely that someone will possibly mistake your handshake or arm squeeze for something more, and you both awkwardly bump together before quickly seperating and acting as if it didnt happen. Yes, that pretty much sums up what going out on holiday is all about. Moving from group to group awkwardly bumping into people. "Hey, Whats up? How's it going?...Thats good, anyways, check you later" is my usual catch phrase, it's what I use on everyone I walk past. Its so funny how everyone feels they need to say hi to everyone they know. I mean, to be honest, everyone is usualy thinking "Oh fuck, there's Georgie, better say hi before she spots me" *awkward bump*. Yeah, no one really feels like it, maybe they do it so everyone that they are actually trying to impress in the club thinks they have loads of friends.. Or show that loads of people know them. Lets get real Zanzibar locals, we live in a small town, of course you fucking know everyone!!

Anyway, tonight was a quiet one for me. Shit got real last friday, and I cant even look at anything that remotely smells like spirits. I had what ZANZIBAR'S uber-hard-core LOCALS call a paint brush. Even now as I search for the picture of the killer shooter(s), I get goosebumps and my stomache churns. Dont let its girlish colourful charm misguide you, the paintbrush is a killer! Ok, actually cant talk about or imagine it right now. But all Im saying is, DONT TRY THIS AT HOME.


1st post

YippEE! I am now a part of the blogging world.. or universe! -I have a feeling it's pretty big!

So lets start things off :)

Well a little taster of what is to become an epic journey of blogging:

This blog will consist of my deepest (and shallowest) thoughts on me, my world and other stuff that may pop up while Im writing.

I have decided that I will try my utter-most not to hold back in my opinion, and explore all sorts of aspects of my life and hopefully spark some interest in others to share their agreements or diagreements with my new found theories on how to tackle life as a student, woman and South African! :)

Now, just to warn you. My spelling and grammer is disasterous! So if you are in search of a good intelectual read.. LEAVE NOW! QUICK! -before I kill you with my middle class english!

OK, so at the moment I have been on what feels like a really short holiday. Its weird how that happens.. You always imagine to have oodles of time to do "those things" in the holidays.. clean out your room, go to the dentist, go on diet, make some money, download music... to name a few things I did NOT get round to doing in this 5 week holiday.. Oh yes, I also seem to have put off a tiny project for college.. Whats that you ask? Make a pair of shoes and a headdress for first day back? which is in 12 days and 11hours!

It's supposed to be Avant Garde you see.. so not only do I have to make them, but I have to come up with an amazing idea, that totally rocks everyones world, including no 1 rival LUKE!! -boy fashion genius.. And judging by his fb posts, he started on the project before I had even left the bloody city for holidays!!

So yeah.. college, kinda am and kinda not looking foreward to going back.. Moving out of res next year I think is a huge part of the exitement. So funny though, hearing stories of everyone moving in or out of res. The shit part is though, how some people REALLY dont want to move in with others, and dont want to step on any toes, so they dont say anything.. Seems pretty silly to me, I mean, I guess telling someone your not keen to live with them is really shit, but is keeping the peace really worth having someone you really dont want living with you? I dont mean this as a hint to my future roomie, so calm if you are reading this!! -its just stuff I'v picked up on. Cant name name or mention mentions.. but I think its always best to be honest.. or if not, get used to stingy, annoying, high maintenance flat mate!

So anyway, I am pretty much dying to go see the flat I might move into. Its been recently refurnished, and has a view of the harbour in Cape Town, so stunning! -now before you jump to conclusions and think im a posh girl living in an ocean view suit, anywhere you live in ct pretty much has a view of the harbour, so i could be living in a tent on de Waal drive for all you know! ;) -but a newly furnished "flat" tent...

So this project of mine.. not hundred percent sure what im doing quite yet.. the brief is as follows:

make a pair of shoes, a headress and a garment with the theme "Human Zoo".. easy? yeah no.. not when you have another 60 students sticking together feathers and leather.. so i tried to be more original.. I was inspired (I always feel silly using the word inspired, it seems so over-used in the fashion world, and I feel unentitled to use it yet in my rookie state) but yes, my inspiration was first jellyfish and angler fish (you know the one, from Finding Nemo) Well, I had this awesome idea to incorperate LED lights into the shoes and headpiece. Needless to say, it never happened. So now I has gorgeous soft green leather than I shall be making high heels with :) -will post the outcome when they are complete.. To save face early.. If they are not marvelous, i may not post them up.. :S so here's to hoping I post them!

Well so much for an early night. Thanks for listening (weird how Im talking to myself at the moment) xx