This weekend I went to a secret spot to go look for some old watches to take apart and turn into jewelry. Here are some exciting things I found. The first picture is of an old coin which I glued parts of the watch insides to to give it a cool pendant effect.
The last picture is of a watch that was left in the sun and the face melted making it look like a Dali clock :) -quite lovely!
Unfortunately after my hunt, I spoke to a friend about my ideas and she mentioned a designer who has done the same thing as I wanted to, and beautifully I might add. Her blog is http://ohdearmegan.blogspot.com/ and is definitely worth checking out. Anyway, I still think Im going to have some fun with them, even though I am a bit late to claim the idea. Im thinking of making some bracelets as well as rings from the faces. Oh and please excuse the photo quality, I only have my bedside lamp :)