Lia, my Godchild

These are just some pics I promised of my little angel Godchild :)
The first picture is her at about 3weeks, the rest are 9 months old. Things I love about Lia:
  • She never cries, the closest she gets is squashing up her face and making a funny noise for about 5 seconds and then is back to smiling.
  • She is ALWAYS smiling.
  • She always seems happy to see you, partly cause she just cant stop smiling.
  • She has the cutest hiccups (even though her mom cant stand them)
  • She is the smartest baby I know, and is so inquisitive, so it makes her fun to play with.
  • I am her favourite. We have the most fun. She never gets upset with me, I am the cool aunty Georgie that spoils her with fun, unlike her mommy ;)
  • LOOK AT THOSE PICS, how could you not love her?

Anyway, Lia and her mommy have been staying with me. Wow, babies are HARD work. Yesterday I couldnt stop telling my friends how living with a baby made me realize how much I DONT want a kid right now.. I mean, you cant do ANYTHING for yourself.. I mean, everyone sort of fantasizes about having this little baby (Yeah dont deny it you broody woman out there), and we actually dont realize how hectic it really is. Im greatful I was able to see how difficult it is to have a child and what a HUGE responsibility it is. So ALWAYS wear a condom!!

...although earlier I was sitting on the floor in the lounge, and Lia was holding onto me to stand up. That cuddly little body is something I could never pass up in my life time, and I want the money and time to be able to enjoy every second of it when it happens.


Macy Macbook :)

So, my lovely Acer, who has done me proud for these last 5 years has grown old and tired (and extremely slow).. So it is my duty to my blog, my passion for fashion (quote: FTV) and my genuine lack of patience that I shall be pushing to get a Macbook pro ASAP
Unfortunately for us South Africans, technology is so over priced, which makes the pleading to Dad way more stressful. Although, it may have sounded as though my "Students get discount and I can trade my old lappie in" argument worked wonders and Im sure I managed to get a "Well you must go get one, then"
so... AWESOME!!

Plus I have pictures to post of my Godchild soon, as she is sooooooooooo cute! -for lack of any other suitable description!


The Paint Brush

So this is the dreadful thing.. I saw some friends (two guys) attempting and failing to finish the thing between the two of them. I had to leave before I could smell it or remember how it tastes. After the first two, your mouth begins to water and tingle, pre-vom state. Ok, never talking about IT again.