Lia, my Godchild

These are just some pics I promised of my little angel Godchild :)
The first picture is her at about 3weeks, the rest are 9 months old. Things I love about Lia:
  • She never cries, the closest she gets is squashing up her face and making a funny noise for about 5 seconds and then is back to smiling.
  • She is ALWAYS smiling.
  • She always seems happy to see you, partly cause she just cant stop smiling.
  • She has the cutest hiccups (even though her mom cant stand them)
  • She is the smartest baby I know, and is so inquisitive, so it makes her fun to play with.
  • I am her favourite. We have the most fun. She never gets upset with me, I am the cool aunty Georgie that spoils her with fun, unlike her mommy ;)
  • LOOK AT THOSE PICS, how could you not love her?

Anyway, Lia and her mommy have been staying with me. Wow, babies are HARD work. Yesterday I couldnt stop telling my friends how living with a baby made me realize how much I DONT want a kid right now.. I mean, you cant do ANYTHING for yourself.. I mean, everyone sort of fantasizes about having this little baby (Yeah dont deny it you broody woman out there), and we actually dont realize how hectic it really is. Im greatful I was able to see how difficult it is to have a child and what a HUGE responsibility it is. So ALWAYS wear a condom!!

...although earlier I was sitting on the floor in the lounge, and Lia was holding onto me to stand up. That cuddly little body is something I could never pass up in my life time, and I want the money and time to be able to enjoy every second of it when it happens.

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